Asian Eyelid Surgery

“Blepharoplasty” also known as Eyelid Surgery, can help correct sagging eyelids, puffy eyelids or even sunken eyes. While there are many reasons you may be considering this type of surgery, I am going to focus on the Asian Eyelid.

The Asian eyelid is significantly different in anatomy and structure than the occidental or western eyelid. Approximately 50% of Asians have a defined eyelid crease. This crease divides the upper eyelid into two segments also known as a”double eyelid.” When present, the shape and location of the eyelid crease are lower and different than the occidental eyelid. Most Asian patients without an eyelid crease who seek cosmetic Asian blepharoplasty do not want to look “westernized,” they would like to look like the other 50% of Asians who do have the eyelid crease or the “double eyelid”.

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen had an Asian Blepharoplasty.  She revealed her improved  “Asian crease” in a TV segment. While on “The Talk”, the Chinese-American former CBS news anchor admitted she became insecure about her eyes while working for a small TV news channel at age 25 in Ohio, where her boss told her that “looking Asian” isn’t “relatable.”   According to Chen, more and more Asian men and women have become more open about having this surgery done or wanting it done.

If you are interested in The Asian Blepharoplasty Surgery please contact our office and schedule a consultation.