Best Age for Breast Augmentation

It is no secret that many women opt for a breast augmentation in a quest to feel more feminine, comfortable in their skin, and/or achieve desired attention that builds their self-confidence. Women seek this resolution from when they are teenagers into adulthood. However, since individuals are always on a journey of self-improvement, how does one know when it is time to take the next step?

Many patients inquire about the “right age” for breast augmentation. Since it is the most popular of cosmetic surgery enhancements, we encourage women to consider all the facts and realistic expectations. Breast augmentation is an extremely personal and customized experience for each individual. Just as an individual’s reasoning for wanting to undergo the procedure can be specific, so are the variables that determine which treatment, technique, and age is appropriate for you.

Common reasons for women between the ages of 18-22 is they are looking to create a fuller, curvier appearance to boost their self-esteem. Women in their mid-twenties to thirties (generally after a pregnancy or other life change), begin to notice their breasts are no longer as perky or shapely as they once were. Older woman simply are addressing the issue of gravity that comes with the aging process, as they are searching for resolve that can keep them feeling youthful. It is easy to understand the common causes that initiate your interest in the procedures, but the signs to focus on which age is right with always be directly related to your own situation.

Breast augmentation procedures have reached many advancements in recent years. Women have been provided with more options to choose from, knowledge to obtain on each type of surgery, and factors to consider.

These factors include:

  • Current lifestyle
  • Health
  • Financial situation
  • Family plans
  • Work demands
  • Life plans

When you are younger your desire to undergo this surgery is typically strong, many women do not fully understand the financial aspect, the recovery process, or are even thinking about future plans in regards to work scheduling, and when they intend to start a family. These variables contribute to not only what procedure is right for you but what stage in your life allows you to comfortably transition and heal.
Although it is a common request for girls in their teens as well as early twenties, it is recommended to wait until a female has reached a fully matured state.
“Mature” pertaining to her physical development, but more importantly her mental stability. This is a major surgery that can catapult your lifestyle in a way you are not ready to handle. Depending on how subtle or dramatic, you may not realize how this will affect other areas of your life. When you are younger, your body naturally will endure several changes as it matures. It is important to not make permanent alterations that can interfere with what will automatically take place. For this reason, FDA has approved saline implants for females over 18 years of age, and silicone implants for those 22 and over.

What to Consider:

Breast implants in women whose breasts are not done growing can lead to sagging and stretch marks. The developing breasts will stretch further because of the implant and may cause excess skin.
Breast surgeons will suggest women who are not finished having children to wait. Breasts change during pregnancy, especially if the woman chooses to breast-feed. Size and shape fluctuates and those with implants may experience adverse effects. The implant can hinder a woman’s ability to breast feed, competing with the bonding time between her and her child, and reducing the firmness of the breasts.
Once you have peaked in your developmental stages, there is no limit as to when you are suggested to get the procedure. If you are in good overall health conditions, you can benefit from the procedure.
Breakdown of Questions to Ask Yourself:

  • Are my breasts fully developed?
  • Do I plan on having any children or more children?
  • Do I plan on breast-feeding?
  • Am I in good health?
  • Am I doing this for the right reasons? Good mental stability?
  • Are my expectations real?
  • Can I afford this?
  • Is this the right time of my life?
  • Can I take off work or have any scheduling issues that may interfere with my recovery?
  • Have a consulted with a professional, certified plastic surgeon?
  • Have I learned all about the options out there and asked all of the questions concerning the different materials and procedures?

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