Choosing the Right Implant Size for Your Breast Augmentation

Breast implants come in many varieties of Size, Shape, Content, Volume and Surface texture to suit your individual needs. Your body, preexisting breast size and shape, lifestyle and physical activity play a role in deciding which breast implant will fit you the best. Dr Kaplan will use his extensive experience and artistic talents to help you choose just the right implant for you.

Thinking in CCs

No industry standard exists in bra sizes among brands, and each bra fits each woman slightly differently. For more consistent measurements, implant sizes are expressed in cubic centimeters (cc). Thirty cc equal about 1 ounce (1/8 cups). So 150 cc make about 5 ounces (2/3 cups), 300 cc close to 10 ounces (1.25 cups), etc. Keep in mind that 20 cc equal only about 2 tablespoons, so small changes in volume may not make much difference.

Work with What You Have

Size selection is still highly personal. A 240 cc implant can produce very different results in different women. Your surgeon will take accurate measurements of your chest, such as width in order to avoid a large space between the breasts or lateral overflow (side boob). The fullness of the breast is determined by the projection of the implant. Your surgeon will also assess other factors, including:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest width
  • Amount of breast tissue
  • Distance between breasts
  • Skin elasticity
  • Symmetry

Too Much of a Good Thing

Going too big has its drawbacks. A woman’s original breast size and skin may limit how large an implant a woman should have. If an implant is too large, it can make the breast look unnatural. Adding an implant that is too large can put more stress on the skin and possibly accelerate sagging.  You can discuss size selection in greater detail with Dr Kaplan.

In all honesty, choosing the ideal breast implant size is difficult for anyone who isn’t a plastic surgeon. Many patients, who are early in the process and eager to get their surgery scheduled, think that they can figure this out themselves via online resources or via telephone calls. Instead of stressing yourself out with all the pressure of feeling like you’ll never figure out how to make the right choice, invest that time and energy into visiting our office for a professional consultation. We specialize in breast augmentation . Dr Kaplan can help you decide the right shape, size and profile to help you achieve your cosmetic goals.