Financing for Cosmetic Procedures in New York and New Jersey with The Kaplan Center and Care Credit

Financing for plastic surgery is available to qualified applicants through CareCredit. This service may include the costs of the procedure, anesthesia, and the facility where your surgery is conducted.

Cost is always a consideration and a primary concern when deciding whether to undergo any kind of cosmetic procedure. The knowledgeable office staff at The Kaplan Center will thoroughly review the fees for your specific cosmetic procedure during your consultation.

Using Health Insurance for Cosmetic Procedures

Medical insurance providers consider most cosmetic surgery procedures to be elective, and therefore will not cover the costs. In certain cases and for select procedures, you may find that your particularly policy covers circumstantial solutions, such as breast reconstruction, as well as functional eyelid surgery and nose surgery.

Applying for Cosmetic Procedure Financing

The application process for financing your cosmetic surgery is quick and easy. Applications are typically processed within just a few hours. Once your cosmetic surgery loan has been approved, our business office will receive a fax notification from the financing provider.

Your payment is expected within 10 days of your procedure. You will need to call our business office or your financing provider and arrange to have your loan papers signed 10 days before your surgery.

Care Credit can help you finance your cosmetic procedure at The Kaplan Center.

More Information About Financing Your Cosmetic Procedures

Please contact us at our New Jersey or New York City offices to discuss the financing options that may be available for your cosmetic procedures. We know it’s not always cheap to achieve your dream look — but you’re worth it, and we’re here to help.

For more information, speak to a representative of The Kaplan Center today. Call (201) 623-3372 or contact us.

Other Cosmetic Procedure Payment Options

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express®, Discover®, bank checks, and cash.