Getting Cheeky

I love being naturally thin, but it also has its disadvantages. For instance, my face tends to look “sunken-in” which can make me look tired, sick and older than I actually am. And that’s not glamorous. Some girls are born with naturally beautiful cheekbones, but many of us are not. So I was thrilled when Dr. Kaplan told me by adding Radiesse fillers to my cheeks it would enhance my cheekbones. Adding volume to the cheekbones changes the geometry of the face from the aged rectangle to the youthful and healthy upside triangle. Radiesse is an ideal filler for adding volume to your cheeks, the result is a healthy looking, contoured appearance.  As a makeup artist I knew with the Radiesse fillers my cheeks would be perfect. I am so happy with my new look and everyone’s  been saying I look great but can’t put their finger on what I did, which means you have an amazing plastic surgeon. Best part is, its fairly painless and you can do it on your lunch break. Radiesse typically lasts up to one year. Furthermore, Radiesse stimulates the formation of a permanent collagen foundation. If your cheeks are in need of some  plumping call our office to schedule a consultation to see if this procedure is right for you…201-786-1977.

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brittany beforeBrittany after

Before                                                                        After