Dr. Gordon Kaplan is a board-certified plastic surgeon in NJ experienced in Ethnic Rhinoplasty.

Latino Rhinoplasty In NJ


With more than 8,791,894* Hispanic or Latino Americans residing in New Jersey, it is no surprise that Hispanic rhinoplasty is one of the fastest-growing ethnic cosmetic surgery procedures requested at Dr. Gordon Kaplan’s office.

Dr. Kaplan, New Jersey’s leading ethnic nose job surgeon, understands that most of his Hispanic patients share similar nasal characteristics, including:

  • Bulbous nasal tip
  • Thick nasal skin

Features of the Hispanic Nose

There are three types of Hispanic noses: Castilian, Mestizo, and Mexican-American. Please read below the features of each of these three types of noses below:

The Castilian nose

The Castilian nose is often found on people of Spanish descent. The tip of the nose usually has an average projection and the bridge of the nose tends to be higher.

The Mestizo nose

The Mestizo nose typically is characterized by weaker cartilage  with much thicker skin with prominent sebaceous glands.

The Mexican-American nose

The Mexican-American nose, is often a combination of the Mestizo nose and the Castilian nose. The bridge might be an average height, but the tip tends to droop.

From three of these these Hispanic nose categories, the Mestizo nose and the Mexican-American nose require a highly skilled nose job surgeon to perform surgery. Dr. Kaplan, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in New Jersey has performed many successful nose surgeries on Hispanic and Latin American patients.

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Keys to a Successful Hispanic Nose Job:

  1. Retaining ethnic features
  2. Enhancing the facial profile
  3. Maintaining the nasal functions
  4. Successful results and patient satisfaction


Full rhinoplasty recovery should apparent with 9 to 12 months. Dr. Kaplan performs most of his rhinoplasty surgeries in his accredited office operating room. After your nose job surgery, there is typically some swelling and bruising around the eyes which is usually gone by the third day while the bruising can take 7 to 10 days to resolve. Full exercise is permitted within 2 weeks, with the exception of activities that risk hitting the nose which must be avoided for the first 6 weeks after your surgery.

Hispanic Patient Rhinoplasty Consultation:

Your hispanic rhinoplasty consultation provides the patient with the opportunity to discuss goals and concerns, and to learn what Dr. Kaplan recommends for your nose job surgery for best results. This is the time to develop a mutual trust and to educate both patient and doctor about your final results you would like to achieve.

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* Sources: U .S . Census Bureau, Census 2000 Summary File 1 and 2010 Census Summary File 1 .