Is Eyelid Surgery Right For You?

Has anyone asked you recently are you feeling ok? Do you look tire, but you feel fine?! This is the classic question for the patient who is nearing the time for eyelid surgery.

Eyelid surgery will freshen up the eye area, making you appear more rested, alert and even happy! And believe me, you will be thrilled with how you look after this surgery.

The procedure can be done on just the upper eyelids or both the upper and lower.

Many patients have the upper eyelids procedure done under a minimal anesthesia, allowing them to recuperate faster and get back to work in under a week.


The lower eyelid area is something that needs more medical attention to correctly diagnose the problem, sometimes it is too much fat, too much skin, an maybe not enough of either. For this reason, it is imperative to have a consultation with us as we are well skilled in these areas.

So if your ready to take years off your appearance & lost the tired look than schedule a appointment today. Soon your family & friends will be asking if your just got back from vacation you will look so fresh faced!