Korean Rhinoplasty in NJ

Dr. Gordon Kaplan specializes in Korean rhinoplasty for his patients in NJ. Providing  desirable results while maintaining their ethnic identity is what prompted Dr. Kaplan to make ethnic rhinoplasty a specific focus for his plastic surgery practice. He is a board-certified surgeon who has performed many successful Korean nose jobs with results that meet the patient’s expectations while maintain their ethnic heritage.



Korean rhinoplasty is different due to thicker, more sebaceous skin, flatter bridge, wider base of Asian noses. Traditionally, the Korean noses have flat bridges, with less definition, wider nostrils and/or a minimal tip. Most ethnic patients who want to redefine their nose with rhinoplasty wish to enhance their profile while creating a more defined, stronger bridge and tip. Common requests from Korean patients also include having a narrow nostrils.


You may be a good candidate for a Korean nose job if you are unhappy with the way your nose looks and it makes you self conscious. Most NJ candidates do not like the way their nose and profile looks. Dr. Kaplan has performed many successful Korean nose job surgeries for patients from Palisades Park, Fort Lee, Edgewater, Cliffside Park, Leonia and other areas of Bergen County in NJ.


Full recovery of rhinoplasty may take up to 6-9 months. For many Korean patients, the first few days after their nose job surgery are the most difficult. During this time, patients may experience mild discomfort. Dr. Kaplan and his staff will provide you with post-operative instructions and pain medication if required. Among some of the issues Korean patients may deal with during their rhinoplasty recovery period are:

  • Headaches
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Nosebleeds


To learn more about Korean rhinoplasty in NJ or to setup your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Gordon Kaplan, please call his office at (201) 623-3372 or fill out the contact form to receive additional information.