Lip Injections….Plump Your Pucker

Hi, I’m Brittany Grace and I am the new blogger for The Kaplan Center, I have been blogging for over two years, on topics, such as fashion and beauty, and moving towards plastic surgery is the perfect next step for me, as my long time readers will know. I am a big fan of enhancing our looks. Plastic surgery is very intriguing to me and I’m sure many of my readers are equally curious. I’m going to cover many topics here on my experiences and the experiences of others. Meeting Dr Kaplan and the staff at The Kaplan Center I knew this was the perfect place for me as they are all on top of there game, seriously there’s nobody better, so I hope you enjoy getting to know me and reading my blogs.

fuller lips

Lip enhancement is not simply only a way to make lips “bigger”, its purpose is improve facial harmony by creating or restoring natural proportion.  There are many fillers to choose from, Dr. Kaplan is a expert at all so whether your considering Juverderm, Restylane or Belotero, during your consultation Dr. Kaplan can help you choose which is best for your wants and needs. For me we went with Belotero which is the newest filler on the market. Belotero is a hyaluronic acid injectable gel, that more easily integrates into the lips than other HA’s because its softer, which results in a more natural and subtle look. Belotero is completely safe it is made of sugars which naturally occur in our skin, so no allergy test is required.

I’ve always been self concious of my lips. I adore full lips and have always hated that my own lips weren’t beautiful and plump. I have a naturally very thin lips, but my top lip was especially always very thin and ‘flat’.  It definitely got me down more than you would think. I have always wanted to plump my lips and I decided now was the perfect time.  There is only so much lip gloss plumpers can do.  I was scared, to be honest, we have all seen lips gone wrong — hello “Lisa Rinna” –, that’s why the most important thing is selecting the right doctor and luckily Dr. Kaplan is a perfect choice. I was also scared of the pain, i have a low tolerance and can tend to be a big baby. Surprisingly,  it didn’t hurt. I could feel the pressure of the needle entering my lip and then leaving. All and all the little discomfort for pouty lips is well worth it.


Its been one week since my appointment,  it was time to take my new pout on a test drive around town. Reaction was good. Once the swelling and bruising subsided (which a great lipstick covered easily), the results were subtle, which is what I wanted. So subtle that although people sensed a positive change in my appearance, they could not pinpoint what exactly it was.  A few  asked if I’d done something to my teeth.

I absolutely adore my fuller lips.


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