More Beautiful Lashes in a Blink

kim k

Did you know that women who have long, highly defined lashes are viewed as more youthful, attractive, and photogenic than their low-lashed counterparts? It’s true. Eyelashes really do play a major part in defining a person’s features. While they are not as often discussed as a person’s eyes, the truth is that eyelashes can help eyes stand out. So, if you’re proud of your eyes, longer lashes are always a plus!

Beautiful lashes are, without a doubt, one of the most coveted features that a woman can have. Though women in the past had to settle at becoming masterful at applying eye makeup to fake the look of longer lashes, this is no longer the case. In recent years, women around the world have been finding a tried and true way to get better lashes without having to deal with daily mascara applications, difficult to apply eyeshadow techniques, or applying false lashes that can fall off at the drop of a hat. Instead of dealing with mascara, which can run, clump, or blotch, women are getting the lashes of their dreams by using Latisse.

Latisse is an easily applied treatment that does more than mascara ever could. It actually makes women’s lashes grow longer and darker. Instead of having to mimic longer, thicker lashes with mascara and difficult to apply eye makeup, the lashes that Latisse provides are 100% real and 100% your own. The lashes that Latisse grows are also permanent, which means that once they have grown in, you won’t have to worry about having to do another Latisse treatment for months or even years.

Getting Latisse is as quick, easy, safe, painless and affordable as it can be. A quick consultation with a cosmetic surgeon will be able to tell you whether or not Latisse is right for you. Latisse itself costs only about $100 for a vial. Using a small brush, you apply the Latisse right on top of your lash line. With regular applications, you will be able to see longer, darker lashes within a matter of weeks. Some clients even say that they see major improvements within days!

In terms of both price and safety, it’s hard to beat Latisse when you compare it to other cosmetic procedures that focus on showcasing a woman’s eyes or helping re-frame a person’s look. For people who want to gain a more youthful, feminine visage, Latisse can be the low budget, high impact solution that you’ve been seeking. With zero downtime, an exceptionally low number of reported side effects, and stunning results, Latisse is the budget-friendly option for women of all walks of life.

Whether you’re prepping for a wedding day, a major event or even just trying to look your best in your next couple of photoshoots, Latisse can help you bring out the best features of your face without breaking the bank. This is why it’s gaining so much traction in the cosmetic industry, and why so many companies are trying to mimic its amazing successes.  If you’re ready for stunning lashes in a blink, give us a call at: 201-786-1977 or visit our Latisse page!

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