New Fad, Laser Lipo

Laser lipo is a new fad for liposuction but is it as effective as liposuction?

New techniques usually have a period of intense excitement by media and surgeons, fueled by the promise of better results. As with many new trends that hit fast there’s usually more hope than actual facts.

Laser lipo proposes that the energy given off by the laser melts fat cells and helps tighten skin. The process is supposed to be less traumatic and give better results. But does it really work.

To help you understand laser lipo better, let’s discuss the difference between the traditional liposuction techniques and the new laser techniques. The word liposuction means literally sucking fat. Traditional liposuction does just that, it sucks the fat. It is a mechanical effect which is performed with a long cylindrical tube called a cannula. Laser lipo does not suck the fat out. Instead, these technologies perform lipolysis, which means to cause the death of the fat cell by destroying the cell membrane. They do so using heat energy , instead of the manual effort of sucking the fat out.

Bottom line if you want real results liposuction is what is proven to work. Falling for the latest fads usually will leave you disappointed.