Protect Your Skin This Summer, With These Easy Tips



Summer is just around the corner and it is almost time to start working on your
skin’s more sun kissed look. However, with exposure to sun, comes the increased
likelihood of wrinkles & skin cancer.  But how do you avoid the sun? That’s tricky. Sometimes, your day at the beach may turn out to be much more sunburned than sand-filled.  That is why i have put together five tips to help you protect your skin.

1. Hats & sunglasses Are Your Friends – An easy and surefire way to protect your skin from the beating sun is to get in the habit of wearing a nice sun hat and sunglasses when you
go outdoors, and a bonus is their oh so fashionable. These not only give you extra protection for your face, but they also help to protect the more sensitive areas of your skin like your scalp and the top of your ears. Also always make sure you are  protecting your eyes with UV light-filtering sunglasses, not just cute sunnies with no real protection.

2. Don’t Rely on Waterproof Labeling – Just because you decide to purchase the
bottle of sunscreen that is stamped ‘waterproof’ or ‘sweat-proof’, doesn’t mean
that these levels of protection don’t wear off over time. Waterproof sunscreen
will need to be reapplied every few hours to be effective, just the same as regular

3. Adding Sunscreen to Daily Beautifying Rituals – Sunscreen should be the last
step in your getting ready process before your apply makeup. While some
foundations claim to have SPF in their labeling, this does not mean that it is
enough protection to get you skin through the day. Make sure to apply both your
SPF-enhanced makeup and sunscreen these summer months.

4. Expiration’s Don’t Just Go on Foods – Just as sure as that bottle of salad dressing
in the fridge can reach an expiration date, so too can your sunscreen. Make sure
to check your sunscreen’s expiration label before you begin using it everyday
this summer. My best advice throw out last years and get new sunscreens, a bonus is there’s always something new and improved on the market.

5. Even Sunscreen is Affected by Heat –  While it may be convenient to have a bottle
in your car, it is important to remove your sunscreen from environments where
they can be subject to extreme heat. Exposing your sunscreen to high
temperatures for long periods of time or consistently over the months can
damage the chemical compounds in the lotion or spray and can make them less
effective over time. Try keeping a prepared bag with all of your Summer
essentials in your home by the door. By doing this, you are more likely to grab
this go-to kit as you enter the sunshine, and your sunscreen will remain in more
stable temperatures.

Do you have more questions about skin care and preventing wrinkles? Feel free to
drop me a email or tweet me @brittyygracce!