Protecting Your Skin This Summer

Summer and spring are the perfect seasons to go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. This year, you’re probably going to go out camping, hit the beach, and maybe just go for a hike at a local park. No matter what outdoor activities you want to enjoy, the warmer months can definitely pose a major problem to skin of all types. Not taking care of your skin and protecting it from the harsh solar rays can make the difference between a youthful, healthy visage and skin cancer. Here are some great skincare tips for people of every walk of life.

• Wear sunscreen. No matter whether your 1 or 100 years old, sunscreen is an absolute must. It’s the only thing that can block your skin from direct hits from harmful UV rays. Most experts suggest using at least 2 tablespoons’ worth of SPF 30 when hitting the beach for an hour. Broad spectrum is the best kind of sunscreen, since it protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
• Wear wide brimmed hats on sunny days. Wide brimmed hats give you shade on the area that is most often exposed to the sun: your face. By wearing a wide brimmed hat, you get hit by less UV rays throughout the day.
• Both men and women can wear sun protective lip balm. Lips can get skin cancer, too! Wearing SPF 15 or SPF 30 lip balm will not only keep your lips from chapping, but also will help you avoid the sun.
• Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen. You need to reapply it every 2 hours, or after hitting the pool. Otherwise, it’ll just wear off or wash off.
• Indoor tanning is a no-no. Unless you are going for one of those trendy spray tans, don’t visit a tanning salon! Tanning beds expose users to harmful UVA and UVB rays in droves, and have also been linked to melanoma.
• While all clothing will provide at least some protection from the sun, there are specially made shirts and pants that are designed to act as sun protection. They even come with their own SPF rating. These shirts are always a good investment if you are particularly sun sensitive.
• If you have dry skin, moisturize. Moisturizer protects skin from harsher elements that could lead to acne and premature wrinkling. If you want to amp up your skin protection, make sure to grab a moisturizer with Vitamin E.
• Eat foods that are known to be great for your skin. What you eat also plays a major role in how well your skin fares during the summer. Eating selenium-rich foods such as blueberries or mushrooms, as well as vitamin E-rich foods like avocado can help your skin naturally protect itself from the sun.
Of course, every person’s skin is a little different. While everyone can use these tips, the fact is that keeping your skin in optimal condition is something that you may need help with. A professional will be able to give you the heads up about what your skin needs, and how to prevent further damage to it. If you’re in need of skincare advice, call The Kaplan Center today at: 201-786-1977