Shhhh Hollywood’s Red Carpet Secret… Chemical Peels

Moisturizer not doing the trick? Plastic surgery is something your not ready for? Maybe it’s time for a lunchtime chemical peel!

Remember when our lunch hours used to be devoted to lunch? Now we’re running to the bank and the pharmacy, getting our bangs trimmed and our cuticles clipped, and in growing numbers having our faces peeled. In the war against aging skin, chemical peels, have become a favorite weapon. Look at all the latest anti aging procedures their are in the quest for younger looking skin and something as fast, affordable and easy as a lunchtime chemical peel makes it now easier than ever to fit it into our busy schedules.

Wish you could hit a secret “reset” button for your face, essentially turning back the clock to ‘erase’ fine lines, brown spots, and even acne? Then consider a lunchtime chemical peel, it’s what most of Hollywood does before walking down the red carpet and why shouldn’t you look as good as the Stars?

So if you’ve ever been jealous of the perfectly clear and smooth skin you see on Hollywood starlets as the walk the red carpet, you can rest assured that many of them have great skin because of the treatments they get at top spas and plastic surgeon offices. So just because you live in or near New Jersey you can still experince a bit of Hollywood with a simple visit to The Kaplan Center. While Botox and facelifts are great they may not be right for you, having a chemical peel facial treatment can give you beautiful and radiant skin that is red carpet ready. This treatment is also beneficial for those with acne scars and wrinkles, and for those who just want to look younger and more radiant.

A “lunch time” peel for light exfoliation is a perfect chemical peel for moderate sun damage, we provide complete skin rejuvenation by promoting cell renewal and stimulating collagen production. The chemical peel can help to reverse sun damage and uneven skin tone, and will also remove smaller lines and wrinkles, which a simple exfoliant cannot fix.


After summer a chemical peel is a must afters months outside in the sun your skin needs extra TLC. So what exactly is a chemical peel and how can it remove the toll of the summer months from your face?

A chemical peel is made up of gentle acidic solutions that are designed to remove the dull and lifeless top layer of your facial skin. Think of a chemical peel as a powerful exfoiliant one that could take years off of your appearance during your lunch break. Often the chemical peel facial treatment takes a day or two to heal, as the skin may crack slightly and will look red and irritated at first. But with a lunch time peel there is almost no recovery time. In most cases you’ll see your skin start to heal almost immediately as the redness goes away and softer, smoother skin appears. The skin that is revealed will also look younger and more radiant, and uneven skin will look softer and clearer. The treatment is a great solution for anyone with problem skin or who simply wants to look their best.

Is it just us or do some celebrities just seem ageless? Yes we know they’re not all 18 anymore, and some of them have racked up a lot of life experience along the way—from A-list boyfriends to bad movies to even worse fashion choices. Still, there are a group of stars who manage to look absolutely flawless even as they get older and good skin care is the answer.

If you ever watched the stars walk the red carpet or flipped through a US Weekly and wondered how do they keep getting younger and younger looking and how do they get that that JLo glow you can have it just call our anew Jersey office and schedule your appointment.