Split Earlobe Repair

A broken or torn ear lobe is one of the most common cosmetic ear repair surgery. This can accure by wearing very heavy earrings, or if piercing in earlobe in an awkward position, or trauma to the lobe. That can cause distress to the patient who wants to keep using slopes or if you want to restore the symmetry of their ears. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective procedure that can solve these problems. In some patients, the earlobe can be repaired on the day of operation.

Most cases of torn earlobes can be corrected safely through delicate surgical repair techniques. The ear lobe stretching repair procedure is routinely performed in the office under local anesthesia with optional sedation. After planning and marking, a small amount of lidocaine numbing solution is deposited. Earlobe correction surgery is carried out without any hassle. In order to reconstruct the earlobe, aspects of healing and scar need to be eliminated. The repair is carried out then in a straight line or zigzag.

split earlobe repair

If you wondering if you can wear earrings ever again the answer is yes! The healing process takes several weeks before the ear can be re-pieced, but almost everyone decides to have the re-piercing done. You can expect some minor swelling and soreness, but most patients are surprised by the ease of the recovery. You will have to be careful with large and heavy ear jewelry and loops around children. Small studs are relatively safe, heavy ear rings should be avoided.