Vectra XT 3D Imaging

We at The Kaplan Center are thrilled to announce we now have VECTRA XT 3D Imaging in our Edgewater, NJ office. The is an amazing way for you to envision what your results may be before you actually get the procedure done. This innovating new technology will give our patients a better understanding of the results they may achieve after there procedure is done.

Using the VECTRA XT imaging machine, we can show you a prediction of your results for many different face, body and breast procedures, such as:

Breast lift
Breast Augmentation
Neck Lift
Body Contouring


The process to reach these predictions is very simple. The machine is a stand-up machine. You’ll stand in front of it, and multiple cameras will take pictures of your body, breasts or face from various angles. The VECTRA XT system creates 3D representations of the treatment area based on these images. Dr. Kaplan will be able to use these images to show you how the area of your body looks now and what it will look like after the specific procedure is performed. Giving you a much better idea of your results rather than before & after photos that were previously used.

Ultimately, VECTRA XT is another one of the innovations we use to help our patients make informed decisions about plastic surgery. A discussion of your goals and surgical options is equally important. You and Dr. Kaplan can discuss what you would like to change about your face and body, as well as the many cosmetic surgical and non-surgical options that can allow you to accomplish your desires. Please contact our office and schedule your consultation where we can answer all your questions.