Venus Freeze or Coolsculpting which is better?

These days there seems to be so much confusion with so many new things coming out in the world of plastic surgery. Everywhere I go I see ads for Coolsculpting and Venus Freeze but what are the facts what are the differences. It’s so easy to be confused. which is best for you? If you are trying to decide between the two which is the best body contouring non invasive procedure for you I will break it down for you.

Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze is a comfortable, non-invasive treatment that uses multi-polar radiofrequency and magnetic pulsed fields to tighten skin and reduce cellulite on the face and body. With no incision and no downtime, Venus Freeze is an excellent option for men and women considering skin tightening. The Venus Freeze method makes it seem that the fat cells are frozen and removed, but it doesn’t use cold temperatures at all. Although the word “Freeze” is in the name of the device, the Venus Freeze actually does not use cold temperature for treatment at all. The opposite is true as the Venus Freeze depends on radio frequency energy to deliver heat. There is about a ten to fifteen minute time period where the tissues are up to 41 degrees C, with this heat stimulating the collagen. This tightens up the skin and helps with loose, sagging skin. It can be used anywhere on the body where there is skin laxity to help tighten and tone. Areas that are typically done with the Venus Freeze include the neck, face, thighs, arms, and tummy area. It is non-invasive.

venus freeze, cellulite reduction, non surgical tummy tuck


Cool Sculpting, or cryolipolysis, takes fat cells to just above freezing, to kill them slowly and then have the body naturally remove them from the system. These fat cells are ones that usually aren’t responsive to diet and exercise, so removing them in this fashion is great for the body. If you are in good shape and just have stubborn fat areas on you, this is a great procedure to have. Spot fat is suctioned for about an hour into the device, where the tissue is cooled. Keep in mind the external portion of the skin is not harmed or frozen in anyway. There are ice crystals forming in the fat cells during this procedure, which kills the cells, and then gets either absorbed or removed from the body through the next two months. If you want the fat removed and not just shrank, this is the procedure you are looking for. Areas that are typically done with the Cool Sculpting technique include the love handles, hips, bra line, mid-back, and the tummy area. It is non-invasive.


The differences between the two technologies, “Coolsculpting actually destroys the fat cells. The Venus Freeze does not destroy fat cells, it does reduce fat cells, but what the Venus Freeze is best for is stimulating collagen and promoting skin tightening.”

Since many patients experience skin laxity after loss of fat, the combination of both Coolsculpting and the Venus Freeze may just offer them a non-surgical way to achieve the body shape they want. If skin tightening and contouring is something you have been considering its best to contact our office and schedule a consultation.