Why So Many Men Opting For Rhinoplasty

This may surprise most people, but yes, it is actually quite common for men to get  rhinoplasty. So why do most men get rhinoplasties? Of course the motivation varies, but the following are some of the most common reasons rhinoplasties among men have become so popular.

More men are coming to realize that women are not the only ones allowed to get plastic surgery. This has opened up their minds to the idea of reshaping their nose to the way they want it to look. Although some stereotypes say that guys do not care about their looks, times certainly have changed. Guys do in fact want to look good!  Unfortunately, today’s society have become more focused on looks, making men more aware of their facial structure.  Many believe this is a significant reason more men are opting for cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty has been reported to boost self-esteem and increase confidence.  Some males are not happy with the “family” nose and would rather reshape it to make it more proportionate. Some men may not be too content with their nose because it is not in the center, is too droopy, has a bump, is too wide or thin, or they are just not happy with how it sits on their face.  Some men feel their nose is too big and creates a distraction to the rest of their appearance. They want to have a more attractive profile.  Like other individuals seeking nose jobs, this could be done to repair an old injury.  This could also repair breathing problems, such as a deviated septum.  In addition to repairing the septum, some men decide to change the appearance of their nose during that same time as well.


As you can imagine, the motivation behind why men get rhinoplasty varies for each individual. In the end, every guy has their own combination of reasons and goals for rhinoplasty.  Please contact The Kaplan Center to schedule a consultation.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.